What Requirements Does Pharmaceutical Warehousing Need?

According to Georgetown Health Policy Institute, 66% of adults in North America use prescription drugs. This is more than 131 million people. These drugs are used by many people to treat severe or chronic conditions and to maintain a certain standard of living.

Specific requirements must be met in order to ensure that prescription drugs and other pharmaceutical products are supplied. It is not worth the medicinal value of a drug if it loses its potency or quality between production and consumption.

Warehousing is a crucial component of pharmaceutical supply chain management that contributes significantly to the wellbeing of millions of people.

General Information

The Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada (HPFD), regulates pharmaceuticals in Canada. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulates pharmaceuticals.

Many regulatory standards apply to pharmaceutical warehousing and products.

There are many requirements for MHRA approved warehousing UK in the GMF standard:

  • Warehouses should be able to store drugs in a way that prevents contamination. This allows for inspection and cleaning.
  • To allow lot identification and lot status identification (approved or rejected), each drug lot must be assigned a unique, traceable code.
  • Written procedures must be created for each drug stored in the warehouse. These procedures should outline the distribution and recall processes.
  • Each drug’s written instructions must include appropriate storage conditions.
  • Pharmaceutical warehouses face unique challenges when it comes to storing the right drugs. Every drug has its own storage requirements, including temperature, lighting, humidity. The storage requirements of the drug manufacturer must be followed to the letter by the warehouse.

Setting and monitoring environmental parameters for storage sections is often necessary to meet storage requirements.

Temperature control is the process of controlling and monitoring temperature in a facility.

Climate control is the regulation of temperature and humidity in a storage unit.

What to look for in a Warehouse Partner

The GMF standards for pharmaceutical warehousing providers should not be the only thing that should be met. However, the facility must also comply with the following requirements:

  • The warehouse must be clean and have enough space to store, maintain, and inspect.
  • You should ensure that the facility has adequate ventilation and lighting.
  • A designated quarantine area should be provided for any drugs that are not usable.
  • To prevent theft and unauthorized entry, the warehouse should have both indoor and outdoor security systems.
  • The warehouse should be capable of storing drugs at room temperature without any special storage requirements.
  • Warehouse partners should be able to provide written documentation to clients regarding policies, distribution, inventory, procedures, and other details.

Brimich Logistics for Pharmaceutical Warehousing

Brimich Logistics in Ontario provides a wide range of warehousing and value-added services. Our facilities are HACCP compliant and SQF certified. Brimich Logistics offers the following benefits:

  • Inventory data in real-time
  • Warehouse staff that is efficient
  • Pharmaceutical drugs can be stored in accordance with manufacturer instructions
  • Industry-standard safeguarding against drug contamination

Trascar has been offering the market for more than 40 years complete solutions for pharmaceutical distribution LogisticVertical automated warehouses combine the best systems with the most sophisticated equipment to provide the right solutions for managing material flow and order preparation.

An automatic warehouse picking system together rational warehouse structure that allows for physical flowsIt offers important benefits such as:

Reduction in manpower

Warehouse picking automation requires more lines (more than 70%) to prepare and requires fewer operators for filling and preparing machines.

Reduced picking errors

The picking error of automatic warehouse picking equipment, which is used for high-rotation products, averages 1 per 10,000 picked items. The logic rationalization of manual picking also ensures that there is a significant reduction in errors during the preparing phase.

Quick preparation and precise preparing TimesWarehouse picking automation with higher rotation references and rational linear order management allow the warehouse to concentrate order preparation within short time periods.

2012 marks FASTPICK’s birth. This machine is a new generation that evolved from “Sprint Pick.” FAST PICK, the superfast automated order preparing the machine for high rotation automatized warehouses is now available. It can be used to meet all types and sizes of automatic systems as well as pharmaceutical automated warehouses.