Tips For Traveling With Sex Toys

No one enjoys taking off shoes and removing any metal objects as they make their way through airport security. For some, however, the process can be more embarrassing and revealing.

Ann Lombardi was just passing through the Transportation Security Administration’s checkpoint at Atlanta, before she boarded a flight to Zurich. Her carry-on bag began buzzing.

It wasn’t bomb material or terrorist weapons, but it was a vibrating massager Lombardi was giving to a Swiss friend who said she wanted to massage her sore thigh.

Lombardi, a tour guide based in Atlanta with The Trip Chicks, stated that “Naturally” he was flagged by TSA. “When the male TSA agent pulled the unwrapped device out, it was right in the face of several travelers, including a man of cloth.”

“I clearly remember the look on the pastor’s faces and the way his wife looked in the opposite direction. Lombardi said that several others in line laughed as well. “Just as I was reeling from complete embarrassment, and as I sat at the gate area, engrossed with my magazine, two young men next to me jokedly asked: Hey, aren’t you that woman just got buzzed by security?’

All kinds of things are packed in travel bags, from extra clothes to the perfect beach book. However, some of these items are more private.

Monica Hurtado, her husband Edgar, and their honeymoon, experienced a similar embarrassment while traveling from Arlington, Texas to Nueva Vallarta in Mexico in October 2001.

“My bridesmaid packed my suitcase for me the night before, and filled it with lots of lingerie. Hurtado stated that my suitcase was left on the table after 9/11 because it was too late. “I was shocked when the man at the airport stuck a pencil through one of my straps and asked me honeymoon’. “I was a blushing bride that instant.

Hurtado, who is due to give birth in two weeks, said that Edward almost fell over laughing while she was nearly in tears.

Airport Security Wanted To Inspect What

TSA stated that it respects the privacy of passengers and strives for dignity and respect in dealing with travelers. All passengers have the right to request screening in private areas.

TSA agents are trained in respecting travelers’ privacy. However, some passengers claim that this is not always true.

Jennifer Kellas returned to Detroit once after a trip in St. John. After grabbing their bag, the TSA agent stopped and found some condoms.

Kellas recalls that “He took them out” and said “Oh, you went down to St. John to party?” It was fun. It was awkward and rude.

The embarrassment for passengers can be embarrassing. However, airport authorities are always on alert for potential threats. A vibrating object found at an airport could be mistaken for a bomb.

In 2004, Mackay Airport in Queensland, Australia was evacuated after a sexy toy found in a cafe trash can caused a terrorist alert.

Lynne Bryant, the manager of the cafe, stated that it was quite disconcerting to hear the rubbish bin hum furiously. “We called security.”

As the police prepared to call the bomb squad, a passenger admitted to throwing the object away while preparing to board his flight.

However, not all buzzing items are sex toys.

Sandy Sandler, Nevada, was once passing through airport security while there was a buzzing sound.

It sounded almost like a vibrator. Everyone looked at me and smiled knowingly. Sandler stated that I was embarrassed because I knew what everyone thought. But, it was actually my Sonic toothbrush. To avoid mishaps like this, I now take my toothbrush in two pieces.

Multi-Toy Travel

Although such searches can be annoying for some travelers, Ethan Imboden is regularly inspected by TSA screeners.

Jimmyjane is a San Francisco-based manufacturer of adult toys.

As you can see, I travel with vibrators a lot in my day to and from work. He said that there are often more vibrators than one could imagine travelling with.

After bringing his products to numerous trade shows and clients, Imboden began to get to know the TSA agents at San Francisco International Airport.

He said, “The general public out there can rest assured that they are breaking in the TSA officers around the country with our own travel habits.” It raises eyebrows, and I sometimes get a chuckle. But they have come to know me. These products are used by a lot of people, and the TSA agents have seen almost everything.

Tips for Traveling with Adult Toys

Jimmyjane and Imboden offer some tips for travelers who want to avoid embarrassment.

The best way to avoid security mishaps is to pack items that you don’t want in your checked luggage. However, there is no guarantee that your “loved companion” will not disappear from your bag, according to the company. Baggage screeners might not be able to identify the item and may remove it for safety. They recommend that you travel light and, if necessary, bring small items. If you feel the need to bring larger accessories with you, make sure to label them. Remember that lubricants are also subject to the 3-ounce rule.

These are just a few of the other tips Jimmyjane has to offer:

Remove all batteries if possible: This is a sure-fire way to stop a sexy toy accidentally turning on while in transit and draining its battery power. Your batteries can be placed in a bag and kept separate.

Select Products with a Lock Feature. If your rechargeable vibrating toys are not able to be removed from your bag, you should check that it has a lock function. It will stop it from turning on even if the buttons are accidentally pressed.

Small and Compactly Designed Products.Small toys can be easily stored anywhere, so they are great for traveling. A larger vibrator, with a more simple design (e.g. Ideal for those who don’t want zebra stripes and glittery rabbit ears, a larger vibrator with a simple design (e.g.

Keep It between Other Items: Instead of letting your sex toys roam free in your luggage or carry-on, you should pack it in a bag or carrying case and keep it between layers. If your bag is searched, you can discreetly explain that you are carrying a sex accessory to the searcher and request that it be searched privately.

Answer honestly if you are asked. While it might be tempting to claim your sextoy is a pencil case/chew-toy/marching band baton but lying could land u in serious trouble. Be concise when answering questions. Use simple, clinical terms. Relax, security personnel are trained to be sensitive and have seen it all. They’ll likely send you off once they understand what this little gadget is.

Traveling with Sex Toys

Why travel with your sucking masturbator when you can go on vacation? Imboden stated that some people consider the products an integral part of their sex lives and must make the trip with them. Others, however, travel without their partner and the trip offers them the chance to “bring along a different kind of companion.”

Travel is very attractive. It is associated with being away, and having more time to connect with people in different ways,” Imboden stated. We are more open to new ideas when we let go of our old habits and break out of the same environment.

A toy can also be picked up at your destination. His products can be bought at the W Hotels and the Delano Miami, as well as the Metropolitan London. He said that concierges often purchase these products locally for their guests. However, if you’re comfortable with such a request, the TSA shouldn’t question you about your luggage.

Judy Kuriansky is a clinical psychologist and author of “The Complete Idiots Guide to Tantric Sex.” She said that many companies now sell sex toys in small travel sizes.

Kuriansky stated that depending on the toys nature, one could say it’s a body massager or you have a back problem. But it all depends on how the toy looks.”

She suggested that travelers should speak with the screener privately and tell them about what they are carrying.