Guide For Those Who Just Started Playing Dislyte Game

You can get started and gain a general concept of what to expect in the game with the help of these Dislyte starter recommendations.

Dislyte is a squad battle anime-style role-playing game where players assemble a team of Espers (fighters) and engage in combat in a gloomy future world.

Along with the primary plot aim, there are numerous more battle types, PVP, guilds (called “clubs”), and even a DJ competition in the style of Guitar Hero.

This game is lovely and warm, with just the proper amount of challenge and strategy. The ten beginner’s tips and methods listed below will help you get through the first few stages.

Dislyte Role Playing Game Beginner’s Guide

Time-limited inventory items number 10

You may receive awards and inventory goods that have a short shelf life; you must use them before they expire. Pay close attention to any goods in your inventory that contain a tiny clock icon. To learn when you’ll need to use them, click on them.

9 – Pay Attention To Finishing Missions

In RPG games like Dislyte, finishing tasks comes first. You should be aware as a new player that Chapter Six must be finished in order for you to advance. You will be rewarded for finishing this chapter with life steal sets that you can strengthen for your character, which will enhance your skill sets and help you fight more effectively on the battlefield.

Follow The Red Dots (number 8)

You’ll see a lot of menu items highlighted in red early on in the game. This implies that something, such as a new item or a quest challenge, will be waiting for you to claim it. As they frequently offer good rewards and can gradually teach you the ins and outs of the game, you should allow these missions and training programs lead you through the early phases of the games.

7: Concentrate on a single stage and farm it for a week.

Like other RPGs, you can farm one level indefinitely, and since you gain double the experience points your first week of play, it’s preferable to have an immediate goal in mind. You can experiment with several stages until you discover one that you can complete easily and swiftly because you’ll have a lot of stamina at your disposal.

Sixth: Balance Your Team

Balance is frequently rewarded in team-based games like Dislyte. To balance out your DPS espers and blend area effect and single strikes, you should have at least two support espers, such as healers and buffers. It would be ideal if you could complete the group with a multi-talented esper who could also keep an eye out for espers that have a strong start.

Use currencies, number five

Dislyte has a variety of different currencies, each of which serves a particular role and occasionally more than one throughout the game. Each form of cash has a cap, but you can occasionally buy more or refill it.

They are as follows:

  • Gold is a simple-to-earn currency that is mostly used by Dislyte beginners. Gold can be used to improve the relics and make other changes.
  • Crystals are a valuable resource that may be used to summon creatures from Dislyte’s Echo system.
  • Because you need stamina for all of the game modes, stamina is the main resource that will be spent during the game.

4 – Speed is Vital

Because they will attack in the order of their attack speeds, have a look at your espers’ abilities to see how they can cooperate. You can control each hero’s speed with the aid of relics, even though it might be a good idea to utilize an esper that benefits from finishing techniques after your arena impact espers have weakened your adversaries.

3. Upgrade Each Character Individually

Clearing PvE content will go much faster and be much easier if your characters are powerful, but improving them takes time. Make sure you only have one damage-dealing character and that you increase all of their attributes, levels, and equipment.

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Time Your Attacks (2nd)

If you’ve used all of your strong attacks during the early fight waves and there are only a few weak adversaries left, consider using weak buffs or attacks to prolong the battle. Your buffs, heals, and powerful attacks will have more time to reset as a result, preparing them for the incoming wave.

1 – Complete Your Missions Every Day

You’ll receive weekly missions, one-time-only quests, and daily missions. Because you’ll need every Organa (Gem) you can obtain as an F2P player, you’ll need to complete the daily missions each and every day.

These Dislyte starter hints are provided to assist you in succeeding and in comprehending the fundamental concepts of the game. Despite the fact that these are simple things, they’ll help you enhance your gameplay and advance quickly to higher levels.