Beginners Tips and Tricks For Raid: Shadow Legends Game

Raid Shadow Legends, a powerful strategy gacha-RPG that aims to gather the best heroes and empower them so you can be the most powerful player on your server. You might need this guide by ProClockers, along with a tier list, to get started in absolute confidence.

Plarium did an excellent job designing this combat system. It’s easy to learn, but it also provides a learning curve for players as they move through the levels and combat scenarios. You will find powerful champions that can change your approach to each battle as you progress through the stages.

Choose a good starter

You will be asked to select a champion at the beginning of the game. There are four rare champions you can choose from. As your best Raid Shadow Legend Teams starter, we recommend Athel or Kael. You can use either one to get you all the way through the game.

The Campaign is available here

While dungeons may offer better rewards than the campaign, the rewards of the campaign will allow you to make more progress in the dungeons than if you didn’t do the campaign first. You can also immerse yourself into the story, which is an important part of the game’s experience.

Refer to a Champion Tier list and grow your team

Once you have completed the campaign, and you are ready to build specialized teams, you will need to summon the best champions according to the current meta. RAID: Shadow Legends offers a wide range of options, thanks to its champions that are well-balanced and excel in certain situations. Some characters are able to fit in multiple compositions. However, many of the characters can be modified by equipping them powerful gear and artifacts that make them more suitable for certain situations.

Raid: Shadow Legends offers several ways to receive new characters, just like in many gacha games. There are many ways to receive new characters in Raid: Shadow Legends. The most popular methods include summoning them and receiving them as part of story events. The game design makes the first method the most popular for acquiring new characters. Most of your effort will be directed to procuring the materials required to perform these rituals.

Take your time, and grind

Raid: Shadow Legends has a lot of things to do, so take your time and enjoy the game. It doesn’t matter if you rush to get to the end of the game. You can still learn the systems and find the champions that you want, and then spend your time as you wish. You might also find yourself in failure if you try too difficult challenges.

You can earn great rewards by grinding or level up champions who are behind. Do not be afraid to try out new champions and grind a bit.

These are essential if you want to play the game long-term and commit to it. The Gem Mine is great for getting gems, while the Market is good for buying artifacts or blue shards. Finally, the Sparring Pit gives you plenty of XP.

Get more fragments

This game offers many methods to locate fragments. Playing the game is the best way to find mystery shards. These shards can be rewarded with many missions and tasks. You will also receive a mystery shard if you play at least 20 minutes per day. Participating in specific tasks will earn you higher-quality shards. There are many game modes that can reward you with ancient shards, such as traversing the different keep (void, spirit, and magic), or exploring the dragon’s den. If you have enough gems to purchase a shard package from the store, you might also be able to buy one. You may also receive an ancient shard free of charge every 3 days if you don’t have enough gems.