5 Tips That Will Help You To Choose Storage Bed

It’s true: Bed frames that have storage underneath can be bulky and unappealing. You don’t need to sacrifice function for aesthetics when shopping for a twofer. The Blu Dot frame is a classic example of this. It’s sleek and stylish, with drawers that aren’t make it look like they were made for a child’s room or college dorm. There are many affordable options available that will look similar or channel the Modul-licious spirit that you could find that work for your needs. I’ve done a lot of research about bed frames, and even consulted interior designers on their favorite beds, so I have a good idea of what they are like. Here are nine modern wooden platform beds with drawers, which are all under $700. There is one more expensive option that you can consider, as you may want to spend a bit more on the right item.

This one is simple. This simple platform bed frame features three drawers that pull out from one side. They all have plain fronts, with no handles or notches, and are flush side-by-side.

This bed frame has drawers and is as simple as it gets, but costs less. Each drawer has flush-inlaid handles and is located on the side of the Storage beds, https://www.hugoandsons.co.uk/. The footboard’s bottom has a narrow cutout. It makes the frame appear a little more handcrafted.

You’re probably familiar with Ikea. It’s not impossible to deliver, just because it seems obvious. In case you haven’t noticed, the Nordii bed frame is very attractive. However, my favorite detail is the notched drawer handles. These are very similar to those on the Blu Dot Modulicious frame. It also has six drawers, three on each side, so that no underbed space is wasted. The bed frame is simple and unassuming. It’s a sleek platform that doesn’t draw too much attention. For $549, the Nordii bedframe comes with a headboard. This headboard provides additional storage in the form two boxes and two shelves, which you can place wherever you like for a customized nightstand. You can also get the bed frames in black, in addition to those shown.

Although the Malm is more sturdy, I thought it was worth mentioning because the Malm’s bed frame silhouette is very similar to the Modu-licious’, which has a square headboard and a thick base. The Malm’s one-large storage compartment underneath the mattress makes it easy to store bulkier items such as comforters, pillows, or other oddly shaped items (alongside clothes). Although this design makes it a little more difficult to access the storage — you will need to lift the platform on which the mattress is placed to reach it — there is a video on our product page that shows how seamless the frame’s soft-close mechanism. You can get it in black-brown, as well.

The Malm bed frame is a bit more affordable, and has two drawers. However, it’s slightly smaller than the other frames. If you are a minimalist, the two large drawers in this Malm bed frame may suffice. Gray’s soothing finish is also a plus.

Let me tell you, while this bed frame might look DIY at first glance, I actually like the fact that it has open storage cubbies instead of drawers. There are three square cubbies along each side, as well as two additional square cubbies at the foot. Four storage baskets are included with the frame. You can use them or not. Although the cubbies are limited in size, their open design allows for you to store and organize other items, such as books or your finer clothes. You can also hide anything that you don’t want others to see in the baskets.

This South Shore bed frame is a bit more expensive and more stylish (style-wise), but it still reflects the same spirit. It has eight open storage cubbies at its base. The frame is made of kiln dried rubber wood and has a weathered look. However, the clean lines give it the modern, minimalist look you want. The frame has open corners, although the blanket in the photograph slightly obscures them. This makes it more interesting and maximizes space. It’s not the most affordable option, but the current price is a good deal.

The Floyd platform bed is modular and bare-bones. It’s easy to put together with clamps. You can choose to have a headboard or not. Additionally, you can add underbed storage on one or both sides. The price of storage goes up by $280 per drawer (the bed frame is $650). However, the drawers are designed so that there is enough space underneath them to keep dust bunnies from getting in the way when you open and close them. Each drawer can hold 80 pounds and is made from durable cotton canvas and supports of powder-coated steel. They are five inches tall, which makes them a little less practical than a dresser. However, even with the drawers, this bed feels light and airy, something that isn’t possible with other options. There are two options: spendier walnut or birch, and you can also choose between black or white hardware for the drawers and bed-frame clamps.

Brayden Studio’s platform bed has storage on the legs, which is a nice alternative to the flat base. This frame costs approximately the same price as the Floyd basic frame without storage. These legs, which are mid-century modern in design, give furniture that is otherwise stodgy a bit more space while still providing storage. The frame has three drawers on the one side and clearance below. This allows you to store a few more bins underneath. It’s available in distressed-gray as well as the “cappuccino”, color.